Back to the noodleverse

It’s noodle time again, people.

I know you can’t contain your excitement, but yes, I’m back for another scintilating review of that most noodley of foods, the two-minute noodle.

Today’s special guest was Nong Shim Hot & Spicy flavoured noodles, or, as the packet also calls it (deep breath) “Ansungtangmyun noodle soup”. Wow, that is one hell of a mouthful.

And speaking of a mouthful, here come the ingredients:

As I ate this for dinner, not lunch, like the other two, it was good to see that it’s a bigger 125g size, as opposed to the 80g Idomie or 120g Samyang. 5g may not seem like much, but it’s those few noodles that change it from overfilling lunch to just enough dinner. Like the Samyang, all the flavouring was in the one packet, and unfortunately, there were annoying dried veggies. Floating bits of formerly dried seaweed/lettuce/bok choy/whatever really doesn’t do it for me, nor does it add to the flavour.

However, thecooking phase underwent a marked improvement, in which I finally failed to burn my hand. Thank god for small blessings.

Above, fine dining at arguably its finest.

Concluding Notes:

  • Really, really nice. The noodles were in huge chunks, so there was no fishing around at the end for stray bits of noodle, which is a refreshing change
  • Hotter than most “hot” flavoured noodles, but more or less failed to deliver on the spice.
  • Cooked to “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai. Funky music whilst cooking noodles just makes them taste better. Fact.


  • Good flavour, easy to eat, good amount of noodle
  • The little racoon thing on the packet made me smile, so that’s definitely a pro.
  • Finally didn’t burn myself on the fork


  • Those stupid dried vegetables. I’m sorry, but I hate them.
  • Set me back a whole shiny dollar.
  • The packet didn’t open too easily, I had to struggle with it for a few seconds.

Overall, this was a good high quality 2 minute noodle. I’d recommend it to most people out there, it’s well worth looking for, and as you can see above, the cons are frankly pretty petty. I’d rate this one at a lofty 8.2. There’s still room for improvement, but it was well worth eating.

That’s all, folks.

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